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Monday, July 8, 2013

Traumatic Brain Injury. Why People Don't Understand Me | Traumatic Brain Injury Group

Traumatic Brain Injury. Why People Don't Understand Me | Traumatic Brain Injury Group:

"A person who believes that permanent brain damage must cause stupidity and bizarre behavior will not recognize the real brain injury in their spouse, child, friend, employee, student, patient, or self. And the research verifies that most survivors, once they are at least one year post injury, are not seen by other people as brain injured.

When symptoms like impulsive behavior or inattentiveness to the other person show up, the partner almost always gives the symptom a psychological interpretation–seeing the survivor as selfish or distant or uninterested or unmotivated, rather than brain damaged. This explains why so many love relationships, friendships, and jobs come to an end with the other person angry. It would make no sense to get mad at a person’s brain symptoms, but people get mad, and end relationships, when they see their partner as an incurable “slacker.”"

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