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Friday, November 20, 2015

Movie "Concussion" (December 2015) Raises Awareness of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Click on this link to see the official trailer for the movie "Concussion" starring Will Smith next month:
I've been waiting almost a full year to see this movie coming out next month about Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which, despite the NFL's best attempts to suggest the diagnosis is not based on good science, and despite the money they have spent trying to obscure and discredit the research, is a real and significant problem, that doesn't just affect football, but any sport that causes a series of "minor" sub-concussive injuries until a final "minor" injury tips the scale, revealing significant and continuing decline of brain function.

Ask Muhammed Ali if CTE is a myth.

See this commentary on the upcoming movie.

"Will Smith's New Movie 'Concussion' is TERRIFYING the NFL"
from David Pakman Show video Blog

Also check out this documentary on the NFLs coverup of CTE on Netflix,

"League of Denial."

I love football, and I don't believe acknowledging CTE has to end it. I think the solution is a very low-tech addition to helmets consisting of a fragile membrane holding a dye pack suspended in a gelatin-filled plastic capsule. The integrity of the membrane simulates the point at which a jolt capable of producing a sub-concussive brain injury has occurred. Whenever the dye escapes and changes the color of the capsule, the incident should be recorded in the player's medical record, possibly an injection of the neuroprotective drug NeuroStat® should be given, and he should be given a series of automated neuropsychological tests similar to playing a computer game that compares the timing and quality of player responses to a set of questions designed to check various basic thinking skills. (A baseline would ideally be established before the first potential injury.)

The result of this procedure would be an early warning that a player is at risk before the damage has become disabling, the ability to limit the amount of damage that eventually occurs after each incident (because it sometimes takes six months for cascading damage after an incident to become evident), and likely it would bring about a better way to test the effectiveness of helmets.

A special thank you to Joe Martin for originally making me aware of this movie, for making me aware of the drug NeuroStat®, and for the ongoing research he posts providing information and raising awareness of TBI. Joe Martin has a TBI News Page at

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