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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Debbie Wilson's "All In a Brain Injury"

Copied from Debbie Wilson's Family Brain Injury Blog: All In a Brain Injury

Debbie M. Wilson

All In a Brain Injury

We have memory problems.

We have concentration difficulties.
We have sensory deficits like blurred vision, 
      ringing in the ears or a bad taste in our mouths. 

We can have loss of sensation and feeling. 
We can have headaches. 
Many of us have loss of balance. 
We can have light sensitivity.
We can also have noise sensitivity. 

We tend to have mood changes. 
We tend to become depressed or anxious. 

We may have chronic fatigue. 
We may have sleep disorders. 
We may be confused. 
We may have speech and hearing deficits. 
We may lose judgement and reasoning abilities.
We may stay angry a very long time. 

We are usually not sure who or what we are angry about. 
The truth is we do not know ourselves anymore! 
We are usually the last to know or realize the extent of our injuries.
Many of us also have PTSD. 
Others of us have seizures. 
Please, if you see our symptoms, help get us the help we need. 

We need support, encouragement and hope. 
We need faith that we
can overcome our many deficits. 
We need immense understanding as we lost "ourselves." 
It is difficult to again find our way. 
Our futures are full of unknowns and extremely hard work. 

We are like a brand new person, starting all over again.
None of us wanted to start all over again. 
We may be resistant and we may deny, deny and deny.
We need nurturing and we need guidance to again find our way. 
We are unique in every way.
What the brain is able to again do 
will astound even those that do not believe in miracles. 
We are survivors in a special league. 

Many of us had experienced loss of family and loved ones prior to brain injury. 
These loses were heart breaking and hard to accept. 
They did not prepare us for the total and complete loss we have felt 
      as a result of our "loss of self!" 

We are brothers and sisters 
     as a result of the uniqueness of our loss. 
We believe we are the only ones 
     that can truly understand the magnitude of our loss. 
Together we are stronger, 
     and we learn tips that help us move forward. 

Please be kind and patient with us. 
If you have not experienced loss of self 
     it is very hard to comprehend. 
Please just sympathize and empathize with our loss. 

We are a group that has a tendency to far surpass anyones expectations or dreams. 
We are the "ultimate survivors" in every sense of our existence! 
We were chosen and are all an honor and a blessing to know!

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