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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jennifer Stokley: LAZY, LAZY DAY

Jennifer Stokley posted these remarks in a private on-line support group for people with brain injuries. I thought her comments did a good job of describing the most common symptom of mild traumatic brain injury, which is fatigue, thought to be caused by a combination of a flood of excess neurotransmitters released by dying neurons, and by the effort it takes for the brain to do relatively simple tasks, when so many pathways have been lost due to microscopic tearing of axons throughout the brain. (2011)

I asked her permission to repost her comments here:


Erdman, J., & Oria  Laura, M. and P. (2011). Nutrition and traumatic brain injury:
          Improving acute and subacute health outcomes in military personnel

          (Paperback.). The National Academies Press. Retrieved from

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