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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Optimistic realism

I received this encouraging note from a friend who knows that before my accident I was a perfectionist (tyrant) who was never satisfied. It was written in response to a comment I made expressing frustration that my counselor said I needed "fluid" expectations of myself that I can adjust on a daily basis. That advice is so contrary to my natural mindset that it made no sense to me at all, but my friend found a way to make that advice useful. I think her words of encouragement are applicable to all of us:

Joy wrote: "for "perfectionists" that is a very difficult to attain. being optimistically realistic is the key. know your limitations, strive to do your best, celebrate when you have surpassed them, don't beat yourself up when you don't achieve them. each day, each circumstance is a separate account. accepting that you are who you are now and because of the accident, you cannot compare your abilities to what you wish they were. it is a journey and a learning process. i am confident you will find this place. just remember that it will take some time to readjust. :) you always have my prayers!"

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