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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How I use Evernote

I posted this comment to a post in a private online TBI support group in Facebook. After writing it, I thought it could be a concise, useful summary for other brain injury survivors to consider.

I have severe event-memory difficulty. I depend on Evernote with companion apps and devices to accommodate my limitations with minimal interaction.

I use an android document scanner that allows me to photograph documents I sign. It aligns the view and saves an indexed OCR'd PDF.

A conversation recorder and a transcription service store recordings of conversations with indexed transcriptions.

I also use Google Calendar with connections to Gmail and Toodle do task manager, which are all linked to each other, and Gmail forwards my daily agenda notes to Evernote.

I use a paper notebook from Moleskine to write notes I want stored in Evernote. The pre-printed lines of the notebook consist of a grid of tiny dots that facilitate Evernote's handwriting recognition feature.

I also use an inexpense fast document scanner to record all of my daily snail-mail as it arrives. I scan the envelope, open it, scan the contents, and store an indexed PDF of all correspondence, bills, (which I can tag with due dates so Evernote will remind me to follow up) and even advertisements that I may want to reference in the future.

All of the Evernote-endorsed devices and applications I have mentioned are accessible from within Evernote's marketplace.