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Friday, December 28, 2012

Get Smart: Fight Chaos (a real message with a little humor: ok, an attempt at humor)

A "Smart phone" can useful
for "control."
All the gadgets in the world won't help managing life with TBI if clutter and chaos undermine our efforts.

The second law of thermodynamics guarantees that of the bad things that can happen to us all, the one thing that is certain is increasing chaos. Chaos is the only "plan" that manages its own progress automatically, and so chaos is everyone's default "plan" whenever no other plan exists. Chaos, unchecked, eventually results in death. Chaos is what always happens whenever "nothing" happens. Chaos never rests.

As the 1960's sitcom illustrated, it does not take a lot of skill or effort to fight chaos, but it does take consistent effort. When you feel you've "missed it by that much," at least you were fighting. This is a battle that is won by the agent who keeps showing up. Meet every challenge from chaos with the same positive attitude expressed by Maxwell Smart, who kept on fighting the good fight"...and loving it."  ...would you believe "and liking it?" Ok, keeping it up, and NOT liking it very much.

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