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Monday, October 1, 2012

Support Groups: The Brain Injury Association of Indiana

Support Groups: The Brain Injury Association of Indiana

The Brain Injury Association of Indiana is a support group for victims of brain injuries and their families. Since I cannot currently drive until my difficulty with narcolepsy is under control, I have been unable to attend meetings in Fort Wayne, which until now has been the closest location, but support groups can be a very useful way to find resources and understanding encouragement.

Check out local support groups in your area. Ask your local hospital if they have information about a local brain injury support group. Please post comments with the information you gather. Soon I will be creating a "static" website with these kinds of resources, and I will appreciate and acknowledge any contributions from the readers of this blog.

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I am developing a prototype resources website at Please review my plans and make suggestions.

I welcome comments that can help make this site more helpful to those experiencing similar difficulties, or for those friends, family, and professionals who take care of bicycle injury / brain trauma.victims.

Since I want this site to be helpful to victims, I reserve the right to edit comments if they seem to conflict with that goal.

Helpful comments would include corrections of false information, references to local services that relate to my posts, or comments that help me to keep spelling, grammar, and word-choices appropriate and correct. As a brain injury victim, I depend on others to insure accuracy and to spot the kinds of errors that I may not recognize. Please feel welcome to contribute your expertise to make this site effective!