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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lost A Day and Other Difficulties (also referred to as "The Wal-mart Incident.")

I keep wanting to believe I'm recovering from this brain injury, but the evidence keeps mounting that I'm getting worse instead. Some things are obviously better. My focus has improved, as has my writing, but incidents of lost time are increasing (or am I just noticing them?)

I was just gathering files I would need for a Monday morning meeting with a financial consultant when Laura asked me what I was doing. I told her I'm gathering materials tonight, and I will sort them Sunday so I'll be ready for the meeting Monday morning. Laura said, today is Sunday. I started to argue, but she described the church service I missed this morning. Confused I said, what happened to Saturday?

(ShaneS429, 2009)

Audra answered, You weren't feeling good Saturday. Do you remember? I had arrived late from a trip to Walmart. I told the family that after an unusually long time standing in the checkout line at Walmart that caused me to be away from home past my two-hour "window," I got confused in the Wal-mart parking lot when I did not immediately see the car, and I got into one of those unpleasant cycles in which trying to remember what my car looks like would cause me to forget why I was in the parking lot, and when I would make myself remember (not so difficult with a cart full of groceries) that I needed to drive home, I started looking for the car again. In this pointless cycle of thought, I wandered around the parking lot a long time. Eventually one of the people putting away carts helped me find my car. I hesitated to drive at first, but the panic had awakened me enough I felt I could make the three- minute drive home. I went to bed as soon as the groceries were unloaded.

 Used with permission. (Royston, 2010)
Now my children are discussing taking away my driving privileges. I negotiated a compromise by agreeing only to drive with a passenger. Then privately, to my daughter Laura who has power of attorney over my affairs, I told her to take whatever steps seem appropriate, promising to "eventually" overcome any negative attitudes I might express if that time comes. I'm sure that event would not make me happy, but in the long run, my children are certainly going to look after my best interests. I'm just thankful they are willing to step up and make difficult decisions when necessary.


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