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Monday, October 29, 2012

Some observations I have made

I was just musing over the fact that most people who know me have an unreasonably positive outlook about my current situation, for the simple reason that if I were not at my best, they would not see me!

I have also mused about the "fight or flight" reflex, adrenaline, and stimulants. This line of thinking is not original. My counselor brought it up, but I also have thought about it. What does that fine line between "fight" or "flight" consist of? I have observed that a little anger is much more effective at "waking me up" than all the stimulants I take. I have also observed that just a little anxiety is often present when I can't stay awake. Hmmm.

Any readers brave enough to advance an opinion?

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  1. I have thought about this question for all of two minutes, and it occurs to me the difference is attitude. If we feel we can "do something" about our situation, we "fight." Otherwise, we take flight. This idea contradicts my long-standing belief that anger is all about injustice. That kind of anger is usually harmful, unless there is a real injustice that can be resolved. But a definition of anger that is based on taking responsibility to "do something" about our situation can surely only be positive...."


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