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Tuesday, May 7, 2013



The following was posted on Facebook by another brain injury survivor. I reposted it here:
... "loss of self" was an unthinkable loss. It is a different loss than others EVER experience... 

Read Debbie Wilson's insightful post below.

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Did you think you were alone?

Did you think things couldn't get any worse?

Did you think you owned pain and loss?

I thankfully had pain and loss prior to my brain injury.

I knew I owned none of it. I knew I shared pain and loss with countless people around the globe. I also realized "loss of self" was an unthinkable loss. It is a different loss than others EVER experience.

We DO own brain injury. We understand the gravity of that indescribable pain. We had no burial and in many ways it made it harder for everybody to learn how to grieve. We all felt stuck in this horrible and lonely place. We cannot always adequately communicate our words or feelings. We still have a familiar body but we lost the most important piece. We have a brain injury and most of us will not ever be quite the same. We all realize this is heart breaking and a terrible shame.

We never meant to change or go away from who we used to be. We have been made to feel like we did something wrong, by far too many!

We were not given a choice, we were chosen for a greater purpose. We have a hard time just accepting our new unfamiliar and difficult life. We need others to act thankful we lived so we can more quickly be glad ourselves. We lose our closest friends and many times family because we were injured.

We are ALL here for a reason and most of us figure 
that fact out. It is more difficult for some and we are all here to help others understand their new unique beauty and purpose. 
We are the "green team" and 
we are NOT invisible or hidden anymore!

Debbie M. Wilson

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