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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Expressing a little frustration

I need a better brain. One that will give me the word I need to use the moment I need to use it, not making me "click retry" a dozen times first! I need a brain that will click as fast as the inner self that's trying to get things done, not having to stop every couple of hours to get over brain fog. I don't need one set of people telling me to lower my expectations, while another set of people tells me I'm not trying hard enough. I need a way to work around having to stop all the time to "get my bearings" because at some critical point in a process I forgot what I was doing. I have things to do, and I can't be held back by faulty equipment. There has to be a way to work around these limitations!
I am tired of people questioning me every step along the way, stealing what mental energy I DO have because they can't or won't or won't admit they can't help me. I am tired of people trying to tell me to change my plans. I am tired of people telling me to be realistic. I am tired of well-meaning people telling me they will help me, but not helping me at the moment when I can use the help. I am tired of people getting back with me, ready to help, when I no longer recall what I wanted from them.

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