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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another complaint about memory and focus

a hot day
July 5th was one of those days when the temperature was in the range of 101° and the heat index was around 110°. I had an increased number of memory and focus issues which I attribute to the new antidepressant (Zoloft) that was prescribed, but my son suggests it was the heat.

Today, the alarm I set to remind me to pick up Audra from summer school went off, and I immediately got up to go get her, but my shoes were not in the closet where they belong, nor were they by my bed or under my desk. Finally I found them under the kitchen table.

a cool shower
As I sat down to put them on, it occurred to me that on an unusually hot day, I should bathe be
fore putting on clothes (shoes are clothes) that get worn daily without laundering them. So... having forgotten all about Audra's need for a ride, I took a long, leisurely, and refreshing almost-too-cold shower. Then, feeling good but a little tired, I thought a well-earned short nap was in order. Fortunately, it is my routine to check messages on my phone before I take a nap.
Audra waited about 45 minutes for me, on what may prove to have been the hottest day of the year! I apologized profusely when I arrived. As I drove her home, I thought about how nice it was that Audra was so understanding about my lateness, while an underlying thought taunted me:

Is this a GOOD thing?

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  1. My neurologist was unhappy when he learned that an antidepressant had been prescribed for me. He asked me to have the psychiatrist who prescribed the antidepressant call him immediately. I am now on day two in the process of going back off of the antidepressant, and I am already feeling more focused and less tired.

    (I purposely withhold names of professionals who have treated me, to avoid inadvertent harm that might be caused if I made an uniformed comment about a named individual.)


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