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Saturday, July 14, 2012

In case you are wondering...

In case you are wondering when and whether I will get around to posting resources, you are not alone. I've been wondering the same thing! The last several weeks have been especially difficult for me. I have posted a couple of notes about some of the difficulties I've experienced recently, and I'm sure I'll be posting many more, especially about how TBI can create a catch-22 situation in which a Government agency that is supposed to provide TBI services can require paperwork that TBI prevents from being completed. Worse, in the state of Indiana, failure to meet a deadline does not just mean starting over. In the case of health insurance, it means starting over after waiting a punitive year. I'll write more about that issue later. My daughter and I and a friend met with a judge earlier this week about this very issue. To prevent future missed deadlines, I am setting up a power of attorney so my daughter can follow up on my legal responsibilities and ensure they are met when I am not keeping up with my responsibilities. Hopefully the judge will accept our solution. Otherwise, we'll be getting a lawyer and appealing the decision, which is a difficult thing to do when you have no money. In my case, I have an unknown benefactor, possibly my church, or possibly someone who attends my church, who is paying the attorney to meet with me.

To get back on topic, this is a brainstorming outline where I'm collecting ideas for the static portion of this TBI resources website:

If you are reading my notes, please provide feedback, positive or negative. Your feedback not only helps me directly to see how to improve the usefulness and readability of my website, but it also lends a degree of authority to my opinions when they are evaluated by others. I reserve the right to remove inappropriate notes, but I will not remove your note just because you criticize or disagree. I welcome conflict. If a whetstone provided no friction, would it be of use to sharpen anything?

What are YOUR ideas about what a TBI Resources website should contain?

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