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Monday, July 23, 2012

Benefits of Brain Injury

Disclaimer: Don't take anything I might say in this post too literally. There is a grain of truth that inspired each comment, but keep in mind, my purpose is to find the lighter side of what would otherwise be dark and unpleasant. 

1) Reruns never seem old

2) I can polish the same silver for hours until it REALLY shines, and it feels like I just started.

3) Discovering that 'someone' already did that job I was dreading...

4) Forgiving others is much easier when you can't recall why they needed to be forgiven.

5) I like myself better now that I don't recall what I used to dislike...

6) People who have met me since my accident think I'm a likable easygoing person who never finds fault with anyone. They don't know I formerly used humility as a front to hide conceit, or how impatient I could be with people who did not live up to my expectations. I have always expected nothing more from others than I expected from myself; but in the past that attitude made me a tyrant. Now it makes me easygoing...

7) I can play chess against myself with neither side cheating, and I always feel as if I won!

8) Did I mention I like myself better now?

I'd like to create a Letterman style 'top 10' list. Any suggestions?

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