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Sunday, June 17, 2012

THANK YOU Mission America from Church of the Heartland!

Several days now, I have delayed posting a big thank you for some overwhelming help our family received recently. I held off because the blessing was SO overwhelming that I was concerned it could actually cause difficulties for the people who blessed us if I said publicly exactly what they did. However, after giving it some thought, I have decided the good that comes from telling people what God has done, overrides any negative effects that might happen. (My fear was that if the wrong people know what was done, they could be overwhelmed with requests for help.)
This has been an amazing week for our family as we experience the generosity of many people in our community (see my previous post, "Several days now," about my delay in posting this thank you). I'm almost sure to leave someone out as I highlight what happened.

Wednesday, "Mission America" from the Church of the Heartland, sent over 20 people of all ages to our home. They repaired our mower and cut our grass. They cleared away most of the rest of the brush in our yard. At least one girl cleared our gutters, removed fallen limbs from the roof, and swept and washed the roof of our house. Someone trimmed our bushes and cut down low branches from our trees. Someone painted our railing on our front and back porches. Someone painted our porch swing (I had been especially concerned that immediate maintenance was needed or we would loose that swing.) Chain saws cut up the thick, heavy hardwood trunk into manageable (if 300 lbs is manageable) pieces. Several trailer loads of wood and brush were removed from our yard. Ivy was removed from the foundation of our house. POISON IVY was removed from several areas of our yard. (I heard someone beginning to complain about an itch before she left. I told her about the poison Ivy soap they sell at CVS.) Have I left anything out? I'm sure I have.

Then, they stocked both of our freezers with quality cuts of meat. Hams, roasts, chops, and ground meats. They packed our pantry with canned fruit, pancake mix and lots of other stuff. I am overwhelmed.

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