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Monday, June 18, 2012

Living with short-term memory loss

I just caught myself in the fourth loop of deciding I needed a paper towel to clean excess oil from potatoes I was preparing to cook, then discovering there were no paper towels, then, no longer remembering why I was looking for paper towels, trying to think of something profitable I could do to help prepare the meal. Then I thought the potatoes need to be prepared... (loop again).

Finally, Jonath
an (my son) interrupted me before I left to look for paper towels, asking "where are the paper towels?" With the loop broken, I was able to think about his question, and I said, they must still be in the back of the car. (They had fallen from where they were put in the car, and were hidden under a seat.) Now, all is well, until the next episode of "Living with short-term memory loss."

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