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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lies, Logs, and Audio Recordings

I'm not going to be so petty as to name names, but a local business attempted to inform me of an appointment they had changed. When I called to confirm the original time of the appointment, I was told it would not work. Then they said they had called me and changed the appointment. I don't know if they are attempting to take advantage of my memory difficulties or not, but because of my memory difficulties, I have a recording of the their false claim, AND a complete log of every incoming and outgoing phone call between my number and theirs. I am annoyed when people lie to me. I know it happens often. I know I have been guilty of saying things that were not true, usually either exaggerations or just false memories created by my disability, but I try to be up-front and honest with people as much as I possibly can be. The one area I struggle with is when others have told me something in confidence, and I don't cover well when questioned. So I have plenty of empathy for why a person might say something false, but when I'm already struggling all the time to work around amnesia, depending on tools such as phone logs, journal notes, and other artificial means to keep in sync with "reality," it disturbs me when I know someone has lied. That's all I'm going to say. I hope my message gets heard by the right people, and I hope I have not unduly hurt any feelings in the process.

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