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Sunday, December 16, 2012

This is how is how it feels....

(I just posted this comment on Facebook, and it seemed appropriate to include it in this blog.)

Going nowhere fast
This post is really for me rather than for anyone else. It is to document a problem that happens from time to time, not quite frequently enough for me to identify it as a pattern. [...but then how do I KNOW it's not frequent...?] Once again, I started out looking up information to complete a project I was working on, only to stumble upon information related to another project. I spent the last hour completing the last hour completing that other project. Now I feel lost. All I know is that the original project was important. I can't recall what it was. I can't even recall what it was that I completed. I was feeling a real sense of accomplishment a few minutes ago. Why? What did I accomplish? This is what it feels like to have deficient short-term memory.

(I'm aware I repeated myself in the last paragraph. It's how I wrote it. I'm leaving it as evidence of the problem I was writing to describe.)

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