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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stay hungry my friends

By now nearly everyone has heard the slogan "Stay Thirsty my Friends." (2012) The principle behind the advertising slogan is sound. If we seek quality over quantity, we find fulfillment and not just satiation. One of the medications that were prescribed to help me focus is known to cause weight gain, and I have gained 40 lbs since starting the medication. I discussed this unpleasant side-effect with my doctor, who told me there is no easy answer except the obvious, to eat less and do more.

"Doing more" is how I got injured in the first place! I not only have to ensure I can exercise safely, I must also exercise in a way that assures others I will be safe. For the time being, that means my favorite exercise, bicycling, is off the table. I'm not going to offer suggestions about exercise today. I only want to make the point that the BEST exercise is the one you actually do, whatever that may be. Find that activity that you love to do, and do it regularly.

"Eating less" seems easier than it is. In my experience, saying "no" to something creates an obsession for it. I have found moderation and discrimination are far more effective than abstention when it comes to controlling appetite. Self control involves adopting a different attitude toward eating in general, and distinguishing between what is needed and what is craved.

The attitude I have found most profitable in controlling eating is seeking a little of the best foods, eating the healthiest foods when hungriest, and the choicest foods in small quantity, with the choice to always remain a little hungry, so the best foods can be fully appreciated. How do I maintain that attitude? I use an altered version of this advertising slogan:
"Stay hungry my friends."


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