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Monday, August 6, 2012

Prioritized action list for the memory impaired

This list is subject to change and improvement. The goal is to make the list useful by keeping it simple.

  1. Review schedule first each day
  2. Review tasks second each day
  3. Maintain a paper list of ideas and commitments as they come up, before doing anything else
  4. When unrecorded time commitments exist, they must be recorded before anything else is done, with alarms and at least one secondary plan to keep the commitment, such as a partner who will also get the reminder.
  5. Keep a repository (a file or a repository of scanned items) of new mail and messages that cannot be ignored. Throw away items that can be ignored. (Allen, 2002)
  6. Distinguish between remaining items that need action versus items to be archived for their information. (Allen, 2002)
  7. Schedule action for items that need action, and followup for items that need followup. 
  8. Index (tag) items in the archives
  9. Write a daily task list
  10. Keep a journal of activities. Index (tag) journal entries.


Allen, D. (2002). Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity. (Kindle ed.). New York:
          Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated.

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