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Friday, May 11, 2012

Something strange just happened.

(Posted 5-23-2012, this note was taken from my journal entry for 5-11-2012 as-written, including some dropped (missing) words which I left to illustrate my on-going difficulty. I did see the error, and I chose not to correct it.

Please be warned the post is about a nose bleed. I delayed going to bed to write a description in the hope that the released pressure would trigger an improvement that I would want to document. Sadly, the day-to-day variance in my symptoms over-shadows any small improvement that the released pressure might have brought about.

I removed the ''
things to discuss with my doctors" link to my medical information that was in the original post. I also re-ordered words in the next sentence for aesthetic reasons.)
Blood in the bathroom sink
(there is no actual blood in this photo)

Ever since my accident, I've been bothered with more sinus pressure than usual, and difficulty with sinus-related headaches. I have suggested to my neurologist repeatedly that I think sinus pressure could be related to the neurological symptoms, but he has repeatedly assured me nothing serious is going on up there. As I taking drinking my bedtime water and thinking about taking some Nyquil for cough and sinus pressure, suddenly one of my sinuses on the left side of my head behind and under my eye released pressure, dumping a large (1/8 cup) quantity of bright red fluid. The fluid had enough blood in it to look very disturbing. I wonder whether this is something serious?

Written Saturday Morning, 5-12-2012
Last night just before bed, my sinuses behind and under my left eye suddenly released a large quantity of bright red fluid too thin to have been all blood. I estimated the quantity to have been more than two tablespoons. I had not been doing anything that could have caused the bleeding. I had been doing some loud forced guttural sounds trying to loosen heavy mucus high in my throat (at least that's were I perceive the location of the pressure that makes me gag if I don't continually work at getting it to clear). Normally several times of doing that will loosen chucks of mucus I can spit. This effect of causing a large quantity of liquid that also contains bright red blood is entirely new.

I debated about whether the incident was serious enough to require an immediate call to a doctor. I decided since there was not actual bleeding, just a single gush of bloody fluid, that I was OK. I should probably maintain a list of things to discuss with my doctors, though.

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