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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sleep As An Droid Android App Review

I'm always looking for ways to objectify the information I report about my recovery, since symptoms of brain injury can affect perception of those symptoms. I recently found an android application that interprets sounds I make as I sleep and graphs sleep cycles. I have learned two things from these graphs:

1) I'm not getting as much night-time sleep each as I imagined.
2) Only when I am very well rested, do "standard" 2½ hour sleep cycles emerge.

The review gets a couple of details wrong. The software does provide comparisons of sleep data. It can optionally record when you snore or talk in your sleep. The description I read says the app uses a combination of motion and sound to produce its data, since not all android phones have identical capabilities, the method employed by the app to gather its data will vary from phone to phone.

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