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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Perseveration - Persistent Repetition After Brain Injury

I stumbled across this video a few minutes ago. As with "flooding," I had never heard this term before I saw it used in a video by the Northern Brain Injury Association of British Columbia. The description of perseveration brings to mind my own difficulties with what I have called distraction "loops," several incidents of which, I have written prior posts. My distraction loops are due to a combination of mental fatigue and multi-step tasks in which a component step in the task interrupts my "big picture" of what I'm doing, causing me to either finish the subtask and then, having forgotten the reason for the subtask, causes me to wander on aimlessly, or in the other common scenario, realizing I have lost my sense of what I'm doing, I go to my notes, and start the same task over, eventually coming to the distracting task, and repeating it, often loosing hours before some external distraction finally causes me to stop acting in a half-awake mode, and enables me to stop and focus.

I fear I have not described this ongoing difficulty well. I may revisit this post when I find a way to describe the experience of "distraction loops" better.

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