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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brain injury, prescription refills, and red tape: A facebook discussion

While I have no complaints with any of my doctors, (in fact, some have gone beyond what I would have expected to make things work in spite of the rules they work under) two of these doctors work in offices that have a prescription refill policies that guarantee I periodically go without my prescriptions for 4 to 10 days at a time, if I fail to notice I'm running low in time to ask for a refill. One of the offices refuses to let my pharmacy contact them for refills. The other is only open four days a week, and often does not answer their phone during office hours. They are difficult to reach, and when they refill a prescription, they don't send it to the pharmacy. Instead, they file it so it can be picked up. I don't have the option of making the two-hour trip to pick up a prescription, so I have to wait until I eventually realize I'm still out, call them again, and ask them again, to mail the prescription. (For some reason, they can't just fax it.). I've told them I'm pretty sure their policy violates the Americans with Disabilities act, since their policy doesn't work for people with brain injuries. Do I really have to sue them to get them to change? I like my doctors. I don't want to do that!

Brain injury, prescription refills, and red tape: A facebook discussion:

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