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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tales from THE VOID: Definition of "THE VOID."

To put a lighter spin on an otherwise darker time in my life, I have labeled it "the void." 

(mindmaster123, ©2010, All rights reserved.)
This post was written October 15, 2012, to introduce a set of back-dated posts from between December 2011 and March 2012, possibly with a few posts outside that range.

THE VOID, as I use the term, can be any period of time during which I was obviously awake and active, but for which I have no recollections. It also refers to a very specific period of about three months from the end of December 2011 until the middle of the first week of March. I have evidence of some activity in the form of Facebook posts, some of which make me feel paranoid when I read them. I have actually asked myself whether it is possible someone else hijacked my account and posted entries, but I know that is not what happened. Some of the posts from that period are nonsense, while others sound very reasonable. As I continue working on "filling out" this record of my recovery, I will be finding appropriate excerpts from "THE VOID," but rather than explaining the term each time I use it, I will be linking to this post to explain the term.


mindmaster123. (Artist). (2010). Flashes in the void. [Web Drawing]. Retrieved from

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