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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes bad things happen.  Currently, I am in the somewhat painful process of reconciling myself with the fact that not all unfair situations have a clear antagonist who can be properly blamed for any particular situation. There is not always someone to blame, and worse, looking for someone to blame only spreads the pain to others, and could actually make ME the one who is to blame for another person's pain.

For this reason, I have been careful to not identify caregivers when I complain about unpleasant events in my blog, and I intend to continue this policy. I do feel a level of compassion for those who have to endure people like me who have had bad experiences and are naturally looking to blame others when things go wrong for them. While I'm struggling to find a proper expression for my own anger at the moment, I recognize there are others who endure the anger of others like me for no good reason, other than that they had the courage and will to help, even when those they help are not appreciative and understanding as we ought to be.

When difficult times come, it always helps me to imagine myself in the other person's shoes and to experience their viewpoint as well as my own. Each person has more than enough trouble of their own, so be thankful when things go well, and try to be understanding when things don't go as well.

This is my advice to myself. I hope it helps others also. What do YOU think?

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