Friday, April 12, 2013

TBI Topics

TBI Topics
As many of you know, I have been collecting articles I consider of value to those who (like myself) are learning how to live profitably with a new set of limitations caused by TBI.

I'm tempted to refer to these life changes as a new set of strengths AND limitations, although the "strengths" consist of a new emphasis on existing capabilities.

Just as a blind person learns to make better use of other senses, so a brain-injured person can make use of previously neglected skills, which may seem like "new" strengths. Part of living with TBI is discovering what those new strengths might be.

My prototype website, consisting of an unstructured collection of articles can be viewed at As I consider how to structure the website to be useful to people with brain injuries and those who care for them, I have been thinking about topics that best summarize these categories of useful articles. Keep in mind that simplicity and some degree of redundancy will be necessary to make the site useful to the widest audience of potential users. I would appreciate topic suggestions, as well as your interpretation of these topics when you read them, and possibly improvements to topic names, and even suggestions about the general format and title of the website. Should it include skills training? Should it include an area for collaborative projects? What kind of discussions should be hosted? Should discussions be public or private?

Please comment. I depend on my social "neural network" as a means to accommodate my new limitations.

Exploring possibilities with TBI
Recognizing limitations with TBI
Living frugally with TBI
Legal concerns with TBI
Medical understanding of TBI
Laughter is good
Understanding how it feels to have TBI
Legal protections for those with TBI
Confidence and TBI
Understanding SSA and SSI
Accommodation strategies
Practical suggestions
Scholarly articles
Literature Review and Bibliography

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I am developing a prototype resources website at Please review my plans and make suggestions.

I welcome comments that can help make this site more helpful to those experiencing similar difficulties, or for those friends, family, and professionals who take care of bicycle injury / brain trauma.victims.

Since I want this site to be helpful to victims, I reserve the right to edit comments if they seem to conflict with that goal.

Helpful comments would include corrections of false information, references to local services that relate to my posts, or comments that help me to keep spelling, grammar, and word-choices appropriate and correct. As a brain injury victim, I depend on others to insure accuracy and to spot the kinds of errors that I may not recognize. Please feel welcome to contribute your expertise to make this site effective!